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I'll Carry You Both... Base by ShadowJackal35 I'll Carry You Both... Base by ShadowJackal35
I'm sorry, they were all wearing really puffy/figure-less clothes so the bodies turned out weird. T_T

The original characters were from Sengoku BASARA (Chosokabe Motochika, Mori Motonari, and Tsuruhime) and even though the background looked better white, I decided to paint each panel their personal color. ^^

My Rules for Use:
:bulletpurple: All my bases are free. So please don't leave comments asking if you can use it. I will ignore you. 
:bulletblue: Favorite this base so more people can find the base.
:bulletpurple:YOU DO NOT NEED TO COMMENT ME YOUR CREATION. As long you type :dev shadowjackal35: or :icon shadowjackal53: (no space in between my username and dev or icon) I will be notified that you used it. 
:bulletblue: CREDIT ME IN SOME SHAPE OR FORM. You do not need to comment me your creation IF you make sure to link back to me i.e mentioning my username ( :dev shadowjackal35: ) or using my personal icon ( :icon shadowjackal35: ) No spaces or parenthesis for either.
:bulletpurple: No frankendoodling. Frankendoodling is when you take one base and add some sort of body part or even special features like clothes or extras onto another base. I'd like to keep these bases clear of that. However, you can change whatever you want. Gender, colors, whatever. 
:bulletblue:Take your time please. It takes me roughly around 3 hours, more or less, to trace the lines in Gimp and color them in Paint so it's easy to use for you. The least you can do is add some pretty details.
:bulletpurple:Please don't redistribute it and call it your own. It's bad enough that I’m using most of these bases without the original owners' consent, it's even worse when you rip off two people. 

:megaphone:I have the right to critique any of your work if you decide to use my base. I will try to make my comments “fair” by staying relatively gentle, but you have to try and take it into consideration without raging at me.

:bulletred:Because it was floating around an unknown site and didn't lead to a dA page or any other credible art page, I figured it was fair game to use, but if you happen to be the original artist, PLEASE tell me so I can give you proper credit, or take it down at your request. Thank you.

:frail:Original image can be found here:…


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August 17, 2012
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